ta·glia·tel·le || ‚tæljə'telɪ n. pasta cut in long narrow and flat pieces

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • tagliatelle — [ taljatɛl ] n. f. • 1963; tagliati 1874; mot it. « petites tranches », de tagliare, même o. que le fr. tailler ♦ Au plur. Pâtes alimentaires en minces lanières. Des tagliatelles. ● tagliatelle nom féminin (italien tagliatelle, de tagliare,… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Tagliatelle — (ungekocht) Tagliatelle [taʎːaˈtɛlːe] (von it. tagliare, „schneiden“) sind eine Art Bandnudeln. Sie sind die klassische Pasta aus der Region Emilia Romagna (Italien). Die einzelne Nudel ist wie ein langes flaches Band geformt, den Fettuccine …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Tagliatelle — /IPA|taʎːa tɛlːe|/ (from the Italian tagliare , meaning to cut ) is the classic pasta of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Individually, they are long, flat ribbons, similar in shape to fettuccine, but typically about 0.65cm to 1cm (0.25 to… …   Wikipedia

  • tagliatelle — (n.) 1876, from It. tagliatelle, plural noun from tagliare to cut (see ENTAIL (Cf. entail)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • tagliatelle — ► PLURAL NOUN ▪ pasta in narrow ribbons. ORIGIN Italian, from tagliare to cut …   English terms dictionary

  • tagliatelle — [täl΄yə tel′ē] n. pasta in the form of wide (approximately 3/ 4 in), flat noodles …   English World dictionary

  • Tagliatelle — Des tagliatelles crues Les tagliatelle sont une variété de pâtes longues d origine italienne (centre et nord de l Italie). Le nom provient de l italien tagliare (couper) puisqu elles s obtiennent en pétrissant de longues feuilles de pâte que l on …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Tagliatelle — Bandnudeln * * * Ta|gli|a|tel|le auch: Tag|li|a|tel|le 〈[taljatɛ̣lə] Pl.〉 ital. Bandnudeln [ital.] * * * Ta|g|li|a|tẹl|le [talja… ] <Pl.> [ital. tagliatelle (Pl.), eigtl. = (Ab)geschnittene]: dünne, italienische Bandnudeln. * * *… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • tagliatelle — noun Etymology: Italian, from tagliare to cut, from Late Latin taliare more at tailor Date: 1899 fettuccine …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tagliatelle — /tahl yeuh tel ee/, It. /tah lyah tel le/, n. egg noodles cut in long, flat pieces. [ < It: flat noodles, equiv. to tagliat (ptp. s. of tagliare to cut < LL taliare; see TAILOR1) + elle, pl. of ella ELLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • tagliatelle — noun long, flat ribbons of pasta, originally from Emilia Romagna, sliced from a rolled out sheet Syn: fettuccine …   Wiktionary

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